Let’s face it; there’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly designed kitchen. And if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is what type of cabinets to install.Custom Cabinetry in Westchester

While it may be an exciting quest, your cabinet design is crucial for your kitchen remodel that you wouldn’t want to compromise.

If you don’t know what best suits your kitchen, choosing custom cabinetry in Westchester gives you the flexibility to choose the design, style, and quality of your kitchen cabinetry.

Also, custom cabinetry has become more popular in today’s homes since they offer both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Not only do they make your small kitchen appear more spacious, but they also create a more efficient look and better overall look that complements your interior decor.

Here are some of the other top reasons why you should consider custom cabinetry for your kitchen.

Made of Higher Quality Materials

When remodeling your kitchen cabinetry, you want to ensure that your new cabinets will last a lifetime. Choosing cabinets made of poor quality materials will not only ruin the looks of your kitchen but also increase the cost of touch-ups and repairs. 

Unlike semi-custom or stock cabinetry, custom cabinets are made using high-quality materials to ensure unmatched durability. From solid wood face fronts and furniture-grade plywood to high-quality door hinges and hardware and stronger drawer guides, custom cabinetry is made to last for a lifetime.

Custom cabinetry is available in an endless array of materials, giving you the freedom to choose the type of wood and hardware you want for your kitchen cabinetry. Custom cabinets also come in different high-quality, elegant finishes and stains, giving your kitchen truly stunning looks. 

Investing in custom cabinets ensures they will always remain in good condition no matter how much you stock them and are able to withstand the test of time. Made of high-quality, durable materials, custom cabinetry will take a long time without requiring repairs, making it economical in the long run.

Built to Perfectly Fit Your Space

One of the worst and costly mistakes you can make when updating your kitchen is finding out your new cabinets don’t fit your space properly.  This is usually the case with stock and semi-custom cabinets since they are only available in standard sizes, making it hard to find something that perfectly fits your space.

However, with custom cabinetry in Westchester, everything is tailored to your kitchen’s unique layout and floor plan.

Custom cabinetry is ideal if your kitchen is oddly shaped, too small, or larger than usual. This is mainly because custom cabinets are built to the exact depth, width, and height that you want, fitting perfectly in your kitchen.

This ensures you take advantage of every nook of usable space in your kitchen, eliminating the need for fillers to fill open spaces. When you install custom cabinetry that perfectly fits your space, the result is an elegant-looking kitchen with a more-efficient layout and more usable space.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Another major reason why you should invest in custom cabinets is the high-quality craftsmanship used in making them. Unlike stock cabinets built-in assembly lines, custom cabinets are carefully handcrafted one piece at a time by expert artisans.

Westchester artisans employ tried and true construction methods such as tenon joinery, mortise, and dovetail when building your custom cabinets.

Each piece is made to precision and detail one at a time by hand and pieced together using mortise-and-tenons, intricate joints, or dowels. This results in stronger and more wear-resistant cabinets compared to stock cabinets that are usually pieced together using nails and inexpensive glues.

Besides, the lumber for building custom cabinets is handpicked based on how much natural grain you want visible and whether you want one that features whorls and rings or prefers a straight grain. The cabinets are also finished using precise and detailed methods, ensuring a satin-soft finish without any visible rough spots.

Limitless Style and Design Options

Stock and semi-custom cabinets come in a basic line of styles and designs to choose from, limiting your options. Apart from custom sizing, custom cabinetry Westchester gives you limitless options of style and design to choose from.

This way, you’re able to find a cabinet style and design that suits your unique preference. 

Since custom cabinetry is built around your personalized style and needs, you get to decide the material, finish, color, accents, glazes, and more based on your sense of style to perfectly match your kitchen’s design. This allows you to create your perfect dream kitchen that stands out from the rest.

Custom Cabinetry is Eco-Friendly

With stock or semi-custom cabinets, you don’t know the source of material used in making the cabinets or the type of damage they have on the environment.  But with custom cabinets, you have plenty of options about the source of materials used, allowing you to choose eco-friendly materials.

Many custom cabinetry stores in Westchester use only local or domestic hardwoods that reduce the impact your kitchen cabinets have on the environment. The stores also provide details about where they source the materials and wood for their cabinets.

This makes custom cabinetry a perfect choice if you prefer eco-friendly options.

As you’ve seen, there are numerous reasons why you should invest in custom cabinetry for your upcoming kitchen remodel project. Built around your personalized preference and style, you can be sure your custom cabinetry is unique, and there’s little chance you’ll find it in another kitchen. 

They let you make a bold statement with your kitchen and improve the value of your property. Be sure to choose the details carefully to create custom cabinets that are both elegant-looking and functional.

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