Perhaps, it is finally time to update your kitchen and that implies getting new kitchen cabinetry. It is exciting that you will finally change your cabinetry to the latest model. It may be a design you saw while visiting your friend or while window-shopping for the best custom cabinetry in Westchester. At the moment, you may have some ideas of what you would like yet you have questions too. You may be wondering how custom cabinetry in Westchester cost and how lasting they are.

Notably, custom cabinetry has their place in today’s homes. According to a recent study conducted by our team, most people find it elegant to have custom cabinetry in their homes. It incorporates one’s interior décor ideas and makes them a reality.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should consider custom cabinetry for your kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry is made of higher quality materials

Typically, custom cabinetry is made of higher quality materials than either stock or semi-custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry includes high-quality door hinges and hardware, stronger drawer guides, furniture-grade plywood, and solid wood face fronts. In addition, custom cabinetry is also finished with elegant stains and finishes. In turn, this enables each cabinet or drawer to take the precision of daily life without skipping a beat.

Custom Cabinetry is Built to Fit Your Space

Experts will build a custom cabinetry to the exact width, depth, or height that you need. This is as opposed to both stock and semi-custom cabinets that are only in standard sizes. This is the reasons why many people select custom cabinetry as an ideal choice for oddly sized kitchens. Moreover, most experts make custom cabinetry in kitchens with unique angles, very small kitchens or even larger kitchens with unusual layouts. Precisely, custom cabinetry fits the exact measurements of your kitchen. This results in a more efficient layout, more usable space, and a better overall look.

Custom Cabinetry is Crafted

It is prudent to note that custom cabinets are like handcrafted furniture. An experienced artisan joins the pieces of furniture into one piece, one at a time. Most artisans in Westchester use tried and true construction methods like mortise, tenon joinery, and dovetail drawer construction. This is how they end up making their cabinets stronger and more wear resistant. The artisans handpick the lumber for each project, resulting in better grain matching that which is more pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the finishing methods are often more precise and detailed. This enables an artisan to produce a satin-soft finish with no rough spots due to several rounds of hand sanding.

Custom Cabinetry is Eco-Friendly

If eco-friendly options are of essence to you, then custom cabinetry is the best solution. It is possible to have much choice about where the source of materials when you choose custom cabinetry. Many custom cabinet shops in Westchester use domestic hardwoods that reduce the environmental impact of your project.  These shops also have more flexibility in where they source the wood for their cabinets.

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