designing a mudroom

Does your mudroom leave something to be desired? You have missed the mark with it, and now you want to make a change. There is a problem, though. You don’t know the first thing about designing a mudroom. Get some tips for designing a mudroom, so you can begin the transformation.

Add a Bench

When designing a mudroom, consider adding a bench. Benches are the perfect spot to sit down when taking off your shoes, and they have an extra function, as well. You can slide a storage container under the bench to hold items you don’t use very often. For instance, when designing a mudroom, you can place a storage container under the bench for seasonal attire.

Add Fun Wallpaper into the Mix

You don’t have to be boring when designing a mudroom. You can add a dash of personality into your design with some fun wallpaper. Print wallpaper adds an entirely new dimension to the mudroom. If you aren’t sure what design to choose, an expert can help.

Improve Organization with Color-Coded Shelves

You aren’t just designing a mudroom to make it look more inviting. You also want to improve its organization. Color-coded shelving will accomplish this. You can use colors for specific items or colors for specific family members. Consider this cool tip when designing a mudroom.

Add Grab-and-Go Hooks for Those Quick Exits

When you’re designing a mudroom, you also need to think about ease of use. You don’t always have the time or energy to grab what you need from a shelf. Sometimes, you need to have items at the door, waiting for you. Add hooks near the exit and fill them with items you can’t do without. For example, the hooks can hold your coats and jackets. Then, you can grab the items on your way out the door without even breaking stride.

Get Help Designing a Mudroom

DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths can help you create the mudroom of your dreams. Using our knowledge designing a mudroom, we will assist in transforming the room while staying within your budget. We serve Westchester County and Putnam County, and we are ready to help you. Contact DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths at (914) 523-8974.