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You have a vision. You want to completely remodel your home office in Westchester, NY. When you are thinking about remodeling your workspace, DreamStyle Kitchens & Baths LLC. is here to help. Together, we work collaboratively to execute your dream and turn it into a fully functional and stylish reality.

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Unlike your office cubicle, your home office should be functional yet incredibly comfortable for you. And with working from home now becoming the new normal for many, you should look to create a home office with optimal lighting, ergonomic furniture, and storage and organization options. A well-thought-out home office remodel can help you create a functional and comfortable work environment that promotes productivity and inspires creativity when working from home.

The best part about a home office is that you can remodel it to reflect your work style and meet your specific need.  Also, you don’t need ample square footage or a dedicated room to create your dream home office. If you’re planning a home office remodel in Westchester, DreamStyle Kitchens & Baths LLC can help transform your dream into a fully functional and stylish reality.

Ensure Optimal Lighting 

In your home office remodel, you should ensure ample lighting to prevent excessive glare from your computer. Having proper lighting has been shown to promote the production of endorphins and reduce eye fatigue and headaches. A perfect combination of natural light, overhead lighting, and lamps can allow you to adjust the amount of light you’re exposed to while you’re working. Also, ensure you have adequate window drapes, blinds, or shades to minimize strong sunlight and achieve the ideal lighting for your workspace. This way, you can get plenty of work done without straining your eyes. Consider moving your computer to avoid unnecessary glare on your screen.

Drown Out the Noise

If you live with your family or other people, noise from a loud TV, kids playing, or dog barking can distract you while working in your home office, crushing your productivity. So, if you work best in a quiet environment, look for ways to block out as much noise getting into your office as possible.  Consider installing sound-absorbing materials on both the interior and exterior walls and even a solid core door during your home office remodel.

Storage and Organization Options

Storage is an integral part of any home office since clutter can accumulate pretty fast, making your space look chaotic. So, if you’re usually on the messier side and would like to keep your workspace organized, consider adding different storage and organization options during your home office remodel. That can be adding floor-to-ceiling shelving on one of the walls, custom cabinets, adequate drawers, and portable organizers like bins and baskets for a clutter-free space. Cable organizing boxes and clips come in handy in keeping your power cables in check.

Optimize Your Square Footage

If you don’t have extra space in your home for a dedicated home office, consider making the most of corners and unused spaces. You could remodel an unused wardrobe or closet to a mini-workspace. You can also take advantage of unused spaces like the loft area, basement, garage, or hallway to optimize your square footage.

Make the most of the available room in your home by re-purposing and rearranging spaces to create the perfect workspace. There are lots of creative ways you can transform smaller spaces into your workspace, including adding storage shelves that double as a desk, study stations that can be tucked in a closet, or even wall-mounted desks that fold out.

Personalize your Workspace

No matter your profession, your home office should be where you feel excited to work from and motivated to achieve your level best. And one of the best ways you can do that is by adding a pop of your favorite color on the walls. Bold and light colors create a happy and comfortable workspace, while soothing colors like soft blues are excellent choices, especially if your work is stressful. To inspire your creativity, consider painting your walls green or bringing in some potted plants. 

Display photos and artwork that inspire and motivate you to work towards achieving your goals.  You can also hang mementos from mentors that remind you of past achievements to inspire you to do your best at work. 

Metal colors and objects have been shown to promote clarity, strength, and focus, so you might also consider adding them during your home office remodel. Personalizing your home office can boost your creativity and productivity, making you feel happier working from home and enhancing your performance at work throughout the day.

If you’ll be sharing your home office with your partner or with your kids when doing their homework, be sure to incorporate styles that promote comfort, inspiration, functionality, and fun. Add storage shelves, patterned rugs, and a few vintage chairs with the perfect combination of color and designs that appeal to everyone.

Are you Ready to Create the Perfect Office Space in Your Home?

When planning for a home office remodel in Westchester, be sure to stay innovative and open to ideas. This way, you can come up with a truly functional and comfortable workspace to work from while at home. Depending on your specific needs and tastes, you might consider personalizing your workspace to make it your own and as comfortable as possible. 

Also, if you don’t have the time or expertise to undertake your home office remodel yourself, consider working with a professional remodeling company in your area. That provides peace of mind knowing your home office remodel is being handled by professionals and allows you plenty of time to work on other important projects.

Looking for a reliable and professional company to help you with your home office remodel in Westchester?  Look no further. At DreamStyle, we offer a full range of remodeling services and always ensure your home office remodel surpasses your expectations. Contact us today and let us know about your ideas, and we’ll help create the perfect home office that best meets your unique needs.