Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

Are you ready to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, but you don’t know where to begin? Looking at the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends can help you choose a direction. Browse the kitchen and bathroom ideas to get inspired. Then you can begin remodeling the space.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchens have changed so much over the years. Now, more homes have open floor plans, so the kitchen is part of the main living area. Because of that, design trends have changed.

In the past, most kitchens had stark white colors. The bold white practically screamed, “You’re walking into a kitchen.” These days, people use softer colors, such as light blues and grays.

At the same time, people are using bright colors for their cabinets. Expect to see lots of people with bright blue and green cabinets in the coming years. It’s a way to add a little personality to the kitchen without spending much money.

Many homeowners are also installing decorative range hoods as the focal point of the kitchen. These range hoods are much like works of art and can instantly make your kitchen look more expensive.

Large islands are also becoming quite popular. Families tend to gather on the island, so they need more space. With a large island, families can do homework, prepare for presentations, and socialize in one spot.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms have also seen quite a transformation over the years. Now, they have a spa-like feel that you can’t help but love. That is often the focus of a bathroom remodel.

It’s hard to have a spa-like feel without a bathtub. While bathtubs became less common in master bathrooms for a while, they have made a comeback. Now, bathtubs aren’t just for bathing. They are statement pieces.

Homeowners also use floating vanities as statement pieces, and they improve the looks of showers by camouflaging the drains. These are just some ways homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms.

Do You Need More Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas?

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