Laundry Room and Closet Remodeling

If you are considering a laundry room and closet remodeling project, you may worry about the work involved. You have to plan the renovation and then see it through to completion, all while staying within your budget. An upgraded closet adds value to your home, as does a brand-new laundry room. Plus, by remodeling these two areas, you will be able to stay organized, which will eliminate some stress. DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths can remove the pressure of the renovation and keep you within your budget, making the whole experience pleasant from beginning to end.

Why Remodel a Closet?

When it is time to organize a closet, it is difficult to accomplish if there are not enough shelves or racks. You might need a professional contractor, such as DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths. We can help ensure you have sturdy shelves and plenty of racks to make your dreams of an organized closet a reality.

With everything out of the closet, decluttered, and organized, it is time to put everything away in your new closet space. With an organized closet, you will be able to find everything you need quickly, so you will be more efficient.

Why Remodel Your Laundry Room?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. However, the laundry room is the unsung hero. The laundry room deserves to shine for all the gritty work that happens in that space. Before a remodel of the laundry room, there are some decisions to make. The layout is essential, with attention to the clearance needed so washer and dryer doors can open freely. Plus, storage space is crucial in a laundry room. Frequently this is the area of the home where the jumbo packs of everything are stored, not to mention all the laundry supplies. Also, there are multifunctional elements to consider for a laundry room. Ironing boards, folding spaces, sinks, and sorting baskets all contend for space in this area.

Let Us Help You with Your Laundry Room and Closet Remodeling

DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths can help with your laundry room and closet remodeling. Using our knowledge of laundry rooms and closets, we will transform your space while staying within your budget. Contact DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths at (914) 523-8974 for a free consultation.